Daniel Leiviskä

Sustainable Design / Helsinki


Kirjasto Helsinki Brochures

Visual design & layout, illustrations & photography, related campaign materials. A5, 72 pages. For Helsinki City Library. 2019.

Original cover photos by Jonne Räsänen and Kai Kuusisto. Helsinki visual identity by Werklig.

License to Heat

Strategic design for the Finnish Ministry of Environment and ORSI (Orchestrating for Systemic Impact). Group leader, report & presentation layouts, graphs, resident interviews & intervention idea. Research & design with team. Cover illustration by Emile Rebours. 2020.

With Emile Rebours, Hsin-Yun Lai & Ahn Nguyen.

Full report pdf
Video presentation

Reading Coach

Styling and photography for the Helsinki City Library Reading Coach and Reading Coach Junior services. 2019.


Instagram post idea, photography, styling & text. For Hyvä muoto. 2020.

Summer Helsinkians

Digital illustration for the City of Helsinki. 2018.

Carbon Negative Helsinki 2050

Futures studies scenario work, report layout and infographics. Schoolwork at Aalto University / University of Turku / Finland Futures Research Centre. 2020.

With Rinna Saramäki and Joel Pihlaja.

Photography for Helsinki City Library

Developing a style of decorative images for Helsinki City library, photography and styling. 2019.

Just Transition to Carbon Neutral Finland

Essay, layout & graph. 11 pages. Schoolwork at Aalto University, Design for Urban Governance and Services course. 2020.


Redesign of the concept and content of the Helsinki City Library Instagram account + content creation. 2019.

Content with marketing planner Soila Leppäkangas. Helsinki visual identity by Werklig.

Rainbow reading circle

Digital illustration for Helsinki City Library. 2019.

Instead of owning. Borrow.

Visual idea and execution of a marketing campaign promoting sharing as an alternative to consumption. Street ads, stop motion animation, social media and more. For Helsinki City Library. 2019.

Photo of Stationlight ads by Risto Rimppi. Helsinki visual identity by Werklig.

Oodi Brochures

Visual idea & layout. A5, 16 pages, three language versions. For Helsinki Central Library Oodi. 2019.

Oodi visual identity by N2, based on Helsinki visual identity by Werklig.


Visual concept, typography, layout, styling and photography for The Vegan Society of Finland. 2015.

With Amir Tahvonen.


Visual concept, typography, layout and photography for The Vegan Society of Finland. 2016.

Post Milk Generation

Digital illustrations about oat milk and modern life, for Oatly. 2017.

Gentle Adventure

Consept, logo & visual identity, webdesign & css, photography, copy & content, blog, social media, webstore & product design. 2015->

With Amir Tahvonen.

Organic cotton socks

Product design and knitting for Gentle Adventure. 2017.


iPad photography for Gentle Adventure. 2017.

Floral bags

Sustainable product design and product photography for Gentle Adventure. 2016.

With Amir Tahvonen.

Urban Nature

Systems and urban design of a regenerative transportation system. Layout of presentation, photography, graphs & wooden boardwalks replacing paved roads idea. Design with multidisciplinary team. Schoolwork at Aalto University. 2019.

With Blinera Meta Shala, Yu Zhang, Omar Eldaghar, Valtteri Karttunen & Vinh Huynh.

Zero waste dental care

iPad photography for Gentle Adventure. 2017.

Leaf patterns

iPad photography. 2017.


Illustrations for Kuohu, based on real people and places seen in Arabianranta. 2014.


Illustrations for a short story in Koululainen. 2015.


Infographics, icons and web design for an online course about climate change. For the University of Helsinki. 2016.

Logo design by Timo Kallio.


Digital painting.

The Neophobic Magpie

Single panel comics. 2016–2017.

Floral patterns

iPad photography. 2017.


Visual identity suggestion for Vegfest, photography and digitally hand-drawn typography. 2017.


Digital illustration. 2016.


Characters, vector illustrations, game layout & UX for HSL/Kaupunkisuunnitteluvirasto/Laituri. 2016.